Q. Why doesn't my Prop Extension go all of the way on?
A. Check to make sure your starter ring is installed.

Q. What prep work should be completed prior to installing my new SABER Prop Extension?
A. Clean, deburr, and remove any raised metal on your engine flange, hub, flywheel & lugs. Any raised metal on your engine flange, hub or lugs could cause the Prop Extension to angle off from the center line and compromise parallelism between the engine flange and the Prop Extension flange. You should also clean the threads of the engine flange lugs.

Q. What is the procedure to torque my new SABER Prop Extension?
A. Torque the bolts in a crossing pattern (1,4,6,3,5,2). The torque values for the engine flange to the Prop Extension are as follows:

3/8" bolts: 30 ft-lbs
7/16" bolts: 35-45 ft-lbs
1/2" bolts: 40-50 ft-lbs

The torque should be applied in three equal steps (for example 10,20,30 ft-lbs for 3/8") and at least one final pass at full torque. The torque value for the propeller comes from the propeller manufacturer. When requesting the torque value from the prop manufacturer, be sure to let them know whether the prop side of your Prop Extension is 6" in diameter or 7" in diameter. The crush plate and Prop Extension flange should be the same diameter.

Q. What if my prop extension will not slide all of the way on?
A. The prop extension is manufactured with very tight tolerances. You may need to rotate the extension one or more lug holes to find the spot with the perfect fit.

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